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The 7000 series of 7002 to 7006 by using the traditional AB class power amplifier technology tone reduction degree to achieve high fidelity, the basic will not sound by the circuit operation and distortion.
The 7000 series of 7008 to 7013 by the total efficiency of 3 class H power amplifier technology up to 72% so it can provide higher power output, the smaller the cabinet space and lighter weight.
The 7000 series amplifier specially selected matched power pipe with excellent performance, dynamic response and sound performance make the machine more outstanding.
The 7000 series uses a dedicated audio toroidal transformers, power amplifier machine provided to exceed the rated power reserve 3 times, so the 7000 series of overload capability is very good.
The 7000 series uses a new building with panel and the display screen are perfect the working state of aluminum alloy, stick out a mile.

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